Joshua has a decade of organizing experience. Rooted in rural communities with rural voters who both OKC and Washington, DC too often forget.


Joshua's time working in Dan Boren's office taught him values like "we focus on people, not politics." The issues Oklahomans face are not political, they are personal, and they affect hardworking everyday people.


Joshua is a dedicated community advocate and devoted family man with a heart for the community. His father, a veteran and deacon, instilled in him the principles of discipline and respect. His mother, a union worker and minister, encouraged him to be empathetic and speak up for others.


Joshua believes too many good people have gone to D.C. and forgotten their constituents back at home. If elected, he will be in the district holding meetings and making sure the work he can't get done in D.C. will get done in the community alongside his constituents.


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