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Joshua Harris-Till Launches Bid for Congress

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Former Congressional Candidate and the immediate past National President of Young Dems looks to bring nationwide attention to the once flipped Congressional District 5.

Oklahoma City, OK, March 21, 2022- Joshua Harris-Till has jumped into the race for Congressional District 5. He’s a nationally known advocate and speaker who has traveled the country, and yet is still always on the frontline of Oklahoma issues. His political experience and views are directly influenced by the issues he’s experienced firsthand. Till says he believes “representation can only be perfected by those who are present”.

After graduating from Broken Arrow High School, Joshua found himself at Northeastern State University where politics would choose him. While getting his degree in Political Science he also received a real world degree in campaign experience by working on Tribal Elections and in the office of former Congressman Dan Boren. Joshua would later run for that very seat and receive more votes than any other Democratic candidate running for a spot in the 2016 Oklahoma primary elections. He ran on a platform of Jobs, Education, Healthcare and Infrastructure, but would have to step back from the campaign when his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

He would spend the next few years as a Legislative Assistant during the Teacher Walkout, managing campaigns, running state questions, and building national connections within organizing spaces. He’s made a number of connections with Congressional members and is no stranger to D.C. politics.

“Far too many have run and got lost in the allure and control of DC, it’s time you have an elected official you can trust. Someone who cares less about DC and more about the district.” said Till emphasizing he is committed to helping people right here in the district.

Joshua has received multiple awards for his outreach and engagement work, but feels the most rewarding part is seeing people become more passionate about advocacy and their right to vote.

Follow Josh at @JHTforCongress on social media to be the first to know when his website launches later this week.

Download a pdf of this press release

Picture of Joshua Harris-Till
Joshua Harris-Till

About Joshua

Joshua Harris-Till is a brand management consultant. He currently sits on a Core Committee for the world’s largest youth consortium within the United Nations. He is a Democratic Candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.

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