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Speaking at the United Nations

Updated: Mar 21

World Youth Group is a global initiative to implement the United Nations-2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals and enhance and promote the United Nations International Day of Education. It has been designed by Collegiate Congress, in association with interested United Nations Member States, United Nations Agencies, youth and student groups; All-African Students Union (AASU), European Students Union (ESU), Young Republicans National Federation (YRNF), Young Democrats of America (YDA), some of the youngest Parliamentarians, youth leaders in the private sector, and individuals from around the world.

The global initiative launched its first Common-Agreed-Program(CAP) #IAmWithYou campaign at the United Nations Headquarters on February 24th, 2020. The high-level panel includes the Chair of the Advisory Board Botswana Ambassador Collin V.Kelapile, Grenada Ambassador Keisha McGuier, and the Dr.Nata Manabde Executive Director of World Health Organization to the UN.

This campaign got the support of 11 countries' Permanent Representatives to the United Nations (Botswana, Grenada, Norway, Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Morocco, Palau, Dominica, Portugal, Lithuania, and The Gambia).

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